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In search of the perfect brow

by NYCEsthy

I honestly don’t remember when I started obsessing over my eye brows. I vividly remember a horrible wax incident while I was in college, and I recall knowing enough about the process to realize where and how it went awry. So I am guessing the brow grooming started in high school.

When I went to esthetics school, I emersed myself in every tips and tricks on shaping brows. Some experts suggested a simplified process–measure the start and end of the brows, arch is in the middle. One book used a method that included several rulers and mathematical equations that would stoke NASA.

When the famous Anastasia (guru behinds famous brows like Madonna and JLo) offered brow kits at Sephora,building the perfect brow seemed a little too easy. Hollywood style brows in a kit?

So this video of Anastasia demo-ing her brow kit is an eye opener. First, I love that she uses what I call “the power of three” (using three areas rather than the typical two to find the arch). And the stencils seem to eliminate the goof factor. Finally, the inclusion of a brow powder means that I will actually use it. In case you have never tried it, filling in brows makes a huge difference!

I am officially growing out my brows so I can put Anastasia’s Beauty Express Brow Kit to the test. I’ll report my findings!

“Beauty Express” brow-kit instructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills on Vimeo.

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