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Budget-friendly beauty: Hit the summer sale rack!

by NYCEsthy

The bizarro weather we’ve been having in the North East is giving way to the October chill this weekend. Those of us in the cold parts of the world are gearing up for a few months of Jack Frost, which means that we need a daily moisturizer with a little more oomph to combat cold, dry air. But, even in winter, you still need the SPF.

So, here’s a budget-friendly beauty tip. Since summer is officially over, drugstores have mad deals on sunblock. And that thick, “heavy,” “greasy” sunblock you complained about all summer? It is now your best friend! Nothing blocks the sun, and dry air, better than a good heavy sunblock!

If you tend toward winter-dry skin, try out the sunblock tip. It’s a great cost-saver, not to mention skin saver. My favorite sunblock for my face is Blue Lizard (affiliate link), which unfortunately has gotten harder to find. But Amazon does carry it!

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